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ADA - Green Brighty special shade 500ml

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Green Brighty special shade 500ml

SHADE is a liquid fertilizer designed for shade plants such as Cryptocoryne. A rich potassium promotes the root growth. It is also used for a potassium supply of the layout preferring low KH level.

We are healed by watching aquatic plants and swinging green in the water. But maintaining those greens in the aquarium tank is not easy. Potassium is always in shortage in the aquarium while nitrogen, and phosphate are oversupplied in right formula by human hand.

Through daily nutrient supply, and aquatic plant maintenance, we understand how complex, delicate, and elaborate our Mother Nature is. At the same time, aquatic plants „Green“ tells us we do not live by ourselves, but our life was supported by the Green.

Dosage GuideInitial setting to 3rd month / Daily3rd month to 1 year / Daily1 year or later / DailyAt a water change / DailyFor sun plantsFor shade plants
Trace elements
Chlorine neutralization
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