36,00 EUR

ADA will launch new, easy-to-handle AQUA SOIL - AMAZONIA II. Amazonia II is made of 100% fine natural black soil, which is similar color to Amazonia (They are different material). AMAZONIA II hardly causes cloudy water during the initial set-up period because it contains less nitrogen. It is recommended especially to beginners.


  • Completely new substrate made from specially processed natural material from the earth
  • Contains less nitrogen compared to ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia
  • Less cloudy water during initial set-up period
  • Colloid particles capture dirt floating in the water, without any chemical treatment
  • Gives clarity to the water and creates conditions ideal for healthy growth of aquatic plants
  • Helps to lower the hardness level of the water
  • Helps to bring the pH level of the water down to an ideal level for most of the aquatic plants
  • Composed of granules of size and density ideal for the fast development of healthy plant root systems, rather conventional substrates such as sand
  • Granules maintain their shape for a long period in water, holding air between them, which is vital for the long time maintenance of a planted aquarium
  • Used with Power Sand stimulates the fast colonization of bacteria in the substrate and creates perfect conditions for plant root systems
  • Most desirable pH level for most aquatic plants(ph 5.5 - 6.5) to develop their root systems
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