Aqua Forest - Išputintojas AF160

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Protein skimmer has an extremely important role in the proper functioning of the marine aquarium. Its task is to mechanicaly remove the remnants of food, excrement and harmful substances.
Aquaforest recommends the use of strong protein skimmers, which in combination with the probiotic Aquaforest method will allow you to create the perfect reef aquarium!
AF160 skimmer is designed for aquariums from 200 to 500 liters.

Universal skimmer pump UP 2000/1 20W/:

Power consumption: 220/230 V / 18 W

Water inlet: 2000l/h

Maximum water column: 3m
  • non-pressurizing pump
  • minimum-noise operation, long useful life due to ceramic shaft
  • low power consumption
  • compact design; high performance
  • versatile

base 32 × 18 cm
total height 52.5 cm
height without bucket 38.5 cm

Aqua Forest
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