DENNERLE - Bacto Elixier Bio - 50 ml

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The biological filter activation with a twist!

Guarantee: A minimum of 100,000,000 live clearwater bacteria per millilitre*

This means 5,000,000,000 active filter bacteria per ampoule.

  • For all freshwater aquaria from 50 - 200 l

  • Breaks down fish excrement, food residues and dead plant matter

  • Removes toxic substances (e.g. ammonia) 

  • Reliably reduces nitrite levels 

  • Promotes sludge degradation

  • For clear, healthy water

  • Reinforces self-cleaning power

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One-off application: Twist, add to water, done.

Bacteria play a crucial role in maintaining the biological balance of an aquarium. It is these invisible little helpers that continuously remove fish excrement, dead plant matter and food residues. Each species of bacteria is specialised to deal with specific substances. This means that only the "correct" bacteria can ensure the fast, safe breakdown of typical waste products in aquaria. Dennerle Bacto Elixier Bio is a highly effective, concentrated mixed culture of selected live cleansing bacteria.

• when introducing new fish
• when setting up new aquaria
• when setting up/cleaning the filter
• after treating with medication
• after every water change
• when ammonia or nitrite levels are high
• to increase self-cleaning power
• when the fish population is large
• when there are problems with water quality
• when there is a build-up of sludge

When first setting up and when putting in fresh filter material

In order to add the biologically "correct" bacteria to the aquarium right at the start.

Timely use can prevent colonisation by harmful germs.

A new aquarium or fresh filter material is virtually sterile. Without active help, it can take several weeks for stable bacterial fauna to develop. Substances like ammonia and nitrite, which are toxic to fish and shrimps, can build up and threaten the aquarium life. Aquarium inhabitants need "living water" and effective filter bacteria as partners to break down the waste products they inevitably produce.

So scatter a little fish food into the aquarium water as bacteria food and then add the bacteria.

When introducing additional fish

When you introduce new fish to an aquarium, the bacteria population is adapted to the existing fish population. This means that initially there are insufficient bacteria to break down the additional contaminants in the water caused by the new fish. The use of Bacto Elixier thus protects both the new fish and your existing fish population.

Bacto Elixier Bio is also ideally suited to shrimp aquaria. The popular dwarf shrimps of the genera Caridina and Neocaridina in particular are dependent on clean, healthy water free from harmful substances.

*When filled, Bacto Elixier Bio is guaranteed to contain over 100 million bacteria per ml. This has been confirmed by independent tests.

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