EHEIM 2080 Professionel 3 (1200XL) išorinis filtras be užpildų (iki 1200l)

354,50 EUR

With our EHEIM professionel 3 we offer you the jewel (highest stand-ard) of filter technology*.  

EHEIM professional 3 represents high quality, strong performance, excel-lent power efficiency, smooth operation and lots of additional benefits. Self- priming, a large pre-filter and safety hose adapters are just some of the ad-vantage.

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EHEIM 2080 Professionel 3 (1200XL)

  • Flow rate adjustable.
  • Very quiet running and extremely long service life due to high performance ceramics in the pump mechanism.
  • Integrated self priming aid to initially prime the filter.
  • 2+1 safety hose adapter - 2 inlet connections and 1 outlet connection for perfect water circulation in large aquariums. Can only be removed when the hose taps are closed.
  • Individually removable filter baskets for filling to suit individual requirements.
  • Handing features: recessed handles, transport castors, 4 sturdy clips, multifunction adapter.
  • Maintenance and flow rate indicator - easily visible in the adapter - shows the filter’s performance and informs you when should be cleaned.
  • Top prefilter effectively traps large dirt particles and allows for longer service intervals. Simple to remove and easy to clean.
  • Prefilter drip tray - for "drip-free" carrying of the prefilter when cleaning.
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