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PREIS SEA SALT is the result of years of salt water research.

PREIS SEA SALT has a high calcium / magnesium content which sea water creatures need; it visibly enhances the growth and development of invertebrates and corals. It contains more than 70 trace elements and water-soluble vitamins. Water treated with PREIS SEA SALT differs from natural sea water only in that it has been adapted to the needs of a modern aquarium.

Unlike in a natural marine environment, an aquarium sees numerous different species living together in a relatively small quantity of water.
However, the same number of trace elements and minerals are absorbed as in the sea which is constantly regenerating. As a result, the essential substances are used up while superfluous parameters begin to accumulate.

PREIS SEA SALT adds the trace elements and minerals needed to restore the balance.
Salt water should have a density of at least 1.021-1.022 in the case of fish aquariums while the salt content of coral aquariums should be 1.023-1.025, always measured at a
water temperature of 25°C. We recommend using the precision refractometer from Preis-Aquaristik KG for accurate measurement of salinity.
PREIS SEA SALT is unmatched in its purity and quality.

Depending on the contents of the aquarium, dissolve 3.1 kg-3.4 kg Preis Sea Salt in 100 l osmosis water or clean tap water. Please remember that biological maturation takes some time in the case of newly installed aquariums. Live reef rock and Baktoplan Marin can be used as bacterial starters to support and shorten the run-in phase. When changing the water, we also recommend leaving the prepared water for at least 3 days to reach biological maturation. Approx. 10-15% of the water should be changed at least once a month. Water should be changed at least every two weeks if the aquarium contains a large number of stone corals.

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